Wednesday, 16 October 2019

What Can I Bring to The Table At Selwyn

What Can I Bring to The Table At Selwyn

Selwyn College is a really well established school. I don’t think I can bring all that much to Selwyn because they mainly revolve around intelligence and sometimes sport. The main thing I’m alright at is Maths, because it is my favourite subject at school. On the sports side of things I could be a very worthy adversary or team mate. 

When I play sports I get very competitive and very aggressive because I always want to win. I am usually very loud when I play games, especially when people aren't playing as well as they can. I don’t have the brains like my brother but I am really handy with carrying and moving stuff (Body Builder)...

I’m not going to lie when it comes to being smart but I'm just above average, not average at everything, because to be honest, I am quite smart at Maths. I have alright scores and try my best when I do something. I always take something away from my learning with my friends.

The main thing I like to do is chill with my friends and play sports but I do manage to get my work finished when I get asked to. I always try my hardest to get my work done before the deadline but during that time I get kind of scared because I think I won’t get it done in time or I mucked up.

When there is something important happening or I try and get my work rushed I get kind of nervous and stressed out I’m usually able to keep my nervousness and stress under wraps because I am antisocial around family members I don’t know.

I’m not special, I'm not good at everything but no matter how hard or how sticky a situation is, I will always persevere and be resilient. This is why I will be an asset to my new school, Selwyn College.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Early Maori Enterprise


Enterprise is not new to NZ, it has been around for a very long time. Early Maori often traded between hapu and iwi. When settler ships arrived they too traded with the local iwi. Often these trades were unfair with one side getting a much better bargain. This helps to explain why by the 1900s, Maori had signed over the ownership of their land.

10 Syllables (Re-make)

Enterprise is not new to New Zealand. Early Maori traded between each other. The british sailed to new zealand to trade. Maoris got ripped off by the settlers. The Maoris lost their land to the british.

what we did is we wrote a short 5 sentences about enterprise and when it started and who it comes into our everyday life. Then after we did that we made our sentences only 10 Syllables.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Water Filters

This week and last week for inquiry LS2 was learning about water filters and how to make them, we needed to find out what water filters need to work and how we could put the filters together.  All of the groups used plastic bottles, sand, rocks and charcoal to try and dilute dirty water. Although none of the groups completely filtered the water, some of them managed to get lighter coloured water.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Rugby Pitch Sizes Maths Challenge

This week for maths another challenge was to answer questions on rugby pitch sizes. Some of the other questions were: What is the perimeter of a maximum size of rugby pitch? And, what is the area of a maximum size rugby pitch? After finishing all of the other questions, my group needed to create a DLO on how we found our answer.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

RWC Maths

This week LS2 has been learning about the rugby world cup. We needed to answer maths questions like; What is the difference in seating capacity between the largest and smallest stadiums and, what the the total combined capacity of all the Japanese rugby world cup stadiums is. The question that my group made the DLO on is if all the stadia are sold out each time then what will be the total number of spectators for all the pool matches combined.

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

5-7-10 | My Favourite Cultural Celebration (Christmas)


Let me tell you about my Favourite Cultural Celebration CHRISTMAS

Christmas, isn’t it a jolly time spending time with your uncles, aunts, Mum, Dad and siblings. I love christmas, so when the year starts I can’t wait for it. Just the joy and smiles of everyone around you and the wonderful, amazing, awesome gifts that your folks give you. Although I know christmas will come, the excitement inside me just keeps building up.  

 I am thankful to live in Panmure, New Zealand because you have a majority of things you can choose like toys and candy. Like every year it is on December 25 but this year it is December 25, 2019. 

When I was 7 I found out that Santa wasn’t real and it hasn’t felt the same since then. When I did believe he was real I thought he was my friend, Santa, who liked cookies and milk. I know that people say that Santa isn’t real, yet there is a little bit of hope that Santa is still real but is locked up at area 51. *Help him by going on the Area 51 raid September 20, 2019 see you there Nevada, United States of America*

I could remember his famous catch phrase “Ho Ho Ho,” he would go around saying.     

We have been looking at using commas in the right context. This was a really fun activity for me. I like the way that we used the commas. They way we did it is we did a 5-7-10. 5 minutes to write, 7 minutes to talk about the writing and the 10 minutes were for the rest of the writing. It was also quite challenging because I don't use commas a lot.

Current Events Map

This week for reading Aung Naing, Joseph, Jack, Alex and I worked together to fill out a google map with international events. We needed to search through different news websites to find stories that fit the current event criteria. Our story for oddity is twin pandas being born in Belgium and for impact, bush fires.